Travel in Chalkidiki with Alpha Rent a Car

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Travel in Chalkidiki with Alpha Rent a Car

Chalkidiki is a peninsula, southeast of the city of Thessaloniki (Greece's second largest city). With its characteristic three peninsulas (Kassandra, Sithonia, Athos), it resembles a trident piercing the Aegean.

Sunny, golden sandy beaches, deep and picturesque gulfs, traditional villages and modern tourist resorts, small islands and sheltered bays, pine-clad hills descending to the sea, Mediterranean climate and magnificent natural beauty compose the picture of today's Chalkidiki. Transportation is made mainly by car or by bus and the closest airport is "Airport Macedonia", near the city of Thessaloniki.
Kassandra, the westernmost prong of Chalkidiki, being the closest to Thessaloniki, is the most popular and populated of the three peninsulas. Here you will find all the amenities - hotels in every price range, traditional Greek taverns, discotheques, bars and other entertainment, as well as a wide variety of recreation facilities, especially for water sports. But if peace and quite are what is desired, there is no shortage of pleasant, uncrowded hideaways, either.
Sithonia is the second peninsula of Chalkidiki. The rugged, exciting landscape of this middle prong appeals to nature lovers and holiday makers seeking refuge from the trappings of civilization. The coastline is attractively varied - a succession of fishermen's hamlets, picturesque little harbors, deserted beaches of all sizes surrounded by trees and bushes.

In Sithonia you can find hotels of all standards, including the only deluxe complex in Chalkidiki with an 18-hole golf course among its many facilities. Tennis courts and water sports are widely available, and horseback riding through the pine forests is unequalled anywhere in Greece.

Sithonia manages to combine traditional beauty and hospitality with contemporary pleasures.
Mount Athos
Mount Athos (Agion Oros) is the last prong and the most beautiful of all. Civilization has not intruded into the Holly Mountain, which is inhabited solely by monks. Rising majestically out of the sea to a height of 2,033 m, Athos is covered with virgin forests; its physical beauty is almost overwhelming.

The magnificent peninsula has been the sole province of men dedicated to the workship of God and the Virgin for well over a thousand years.

Alpha Rent a Car gives you the opportunity to rent a car in Chalkidiki, Sithonia, Kassandra so that you can enjoy your vacations.

Our staff will rent you your chosen car in your hotel, Thessaloniki airport or our offices. We will also help you discover the beauties of Chalkidiki, to meet local people and take part in the most significant happenings of the period.

Till your visit, you can read some of the most important information concerning the area of Chalkidiki.

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