Аренда авто в Халкидиках
4 июля 2016
Фестиваль Кассандра – Халкидики 2010
4 июля 2016


Thessaloniki is a city with historical and cultural identity for the last 2300 years.
The king of Macedon, found it in 315 BC and named Thessaloniki after the name of his wife and sister of Alexander the Great.

The city instantly became commercial port and was associated with both west and east.
Via Egnatia Thessaloniki acquired development and cultural identity.
At 50 AD St. Paul set up in Thessaloniki the second Christian Church.
During the Byzantine Empire became the second city after Constantinople with the Byzantine nature and monuments which adorn and kept still.
The spiritual and religious exaltation strongly influenced other peoples. In 1430 was conquered by the Turks.
Some die and others become slaves. In 1912, free up, but in 1917 a large fire destroying the center of the city and thousands of people see their houses burned. Currently over 1.000.000 live in Thessaloniki.
It is the second largest city of Greece. It has two universities attended by thousands of young people.
Thessaloniki alsi has an airport 16 kilometers from downtown where you can go by using public transportation, taxi, car rental offices. The train station is on monastiriou street and connects Thessaloniki with Europe and the rest of Greece.
In the city center has been operating since 1925 the International exhibition of Thessaloniki each September, which is an economic and cultural bridge between countries. In the past it has hosted the song festival and the film festival.
The beach of Thessaloniki is the best place for a traditional tour. There we can find the White Tower, the symbol of the city built in the 15th century. (Old name of the Lion Tower and later Fort squid).
The city is curently building the underground metro, but at the moment you can travel by public transportation, by taxi, private cars or rental cars that you can rent from various parts of the city.
Thessaloniki is now a modern European city with great historical and cultural heritage with international events and interests .

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